rush, rush, rush, that seems to be the driving force behind quite a few photo shoots.  You set up the equipment, get to your location, shoot as fast as you can and hope you get what you need before the models time is up.  Then of course you kick yourself later for missing something.  shooting with jessa was different however.

jessa had planned to shoot with me and another photographer on the same Saturday, but fortunately for me, he cancelled, so I had jessa all to myself for most of the day.  jessa was in no hurry to get home, so we spent the day in no rush at all, shoot a little, talk a little, shoot a little, go get lunch, and so on, very enjoyable.

an interesting story about the shot where jessa is sitting on the old boat.  within a few months after this shot a storm took down the tree under which she is sitting and barely missed destroying the garage in the background, as for the boat, I have no idea.