Who am I

To begin with, I come from an artistic family.  Three different generations of them were and are very good in the painting/drawing department, me I'm lucky if I can draw a stick man.  My father though was one of those guys who would drag out his "good" camera, and line his family up every other weekend and take pictures of us, a practice which I hated at the time, as can be seen by numerous pictures of grade school age me with a big scowl on my face!  I did however enjoy looking at the finished product, which in those days consisted of waiting weeks for the pictures to come back from the developer.  I remember clearly finding the envelope in the mail and enjoying what was inside. That was when I realized I didn't need to be good at painting to be artistic, so, since then I have read, learned, and practiced photography from the time I got my first Kodak Instamatic, until now.

Why MEC Photography

First of all it's pronounced M-E-C not "Meck" although I'm sure you knew that.  I'm guessing you think it's my initials right? Well sort of.  As it happens two of the three letters just happen to match my initials, but that's not what it means.  MEC is an in-joke, a nod, a salute to several old friends at a place long ago, and an idea that, unfortunately, will never see the light of day. (It's not their initials either!)  As the internet era began and grew I knew I wanted to have my own photography website and I also knew there was going to be no other name for it than MEC Photography, unfortunately someone else owned the domain name.  One day while I was looking up other names that I could possibly use, I noticed that the European company who owned it had let it lapse, and I wasted no time in getting it for myself.  So that's the story, although if we happen to work together, and you ask, I'll be happy to let you know what MEC stands for.

What I like to shoot

Anything and everything.  I was born in Chicago, but grew up in the north woods of Wisconsin, a place where, at that time I think, there were more trees than people.  I started photographing, houses, trees, flowers and sunsets, some of which I still do from time to time.  When I was about 12, my friend who lived down the road from me and I found his older brothers stack of the famous "magazine with the rabbit head logo"  and like numerous boys have done before and since we wasted no time in looking at them cover to cover.  I also began wondering what was the technical skill needed to take those pictures, and thus began my interest in photographing women in natural settings, the trees all around me and my friends older brother's magazines.  I still live in Wisconsin, a state which only has a few months of comfortable weather for outdoor shooting, thus from time to time I do need to shoot inside until I can get outdoors again.

Why you're not looking at blank space

It takes two people to create a photograph, one on either side of the lens.  Without these wonderful models who let me work with them, you would be looking at a lot of nothing.  Some of their photographs are here in these pages, some not yet, some I have worked with many times, some only once (so far)!  A heartfelt thank you to every one of you!

Model Mayhem is a great resource for both photographers, models and other creative people.  All the models listed below I have worked with, and they have pages there.  I have added each models portfolio page number for those who want to look them up.  Just click their number, and you will be taken there.  The number in parenthesis indicates the number of times we have worked together if it was more than once.

MEC Photography Model Mayhem Page

Anoush Anou (2) - 1507992
Antier - 2527351
Bella Moore - 1637882
Cambriea - 735039
Carlotta Champagne - 3155
Cat Lasee - 417452
China White - 1087276
Clayra - 1456390
Dauma - 1036946
Ester Amoral - 25740
Faith Enfire - 860897
Isobel Wren (3) - 23168
JEM - 713507
Jennifer Gerz (2) Not on Model Mayhem
Jessa (2) - 851165
Jillian Ann - 2350
Kaela Kino - 2277764
Kamarose (3) - 445059
Kari Marie (2) - 390875
Katlyn Lacoste - 1227596
Kelsey Dylan (2) - 1223875
Kimberly Marvel (5) - 178524
Kira Hawkins - 3092657
Krista Estes - 829001
Laura Unbound - 856920
Lily Cameron (4) - 453244
London Andrews (2) - 36768
Madie Marie - 2143703
Malicious Mike - 1275431
Miss Strawberry - 151145
Model Sarah (5) - 9510
Mrs Foxy - 1332074
Nathalia - 1854124
Raelyn Mouse - 114261
Rebecca Lawrence - 155507
Samantha Grace (2) - 3188
Sativa Verte - 43558
Sherri Fredrick - 1162273
Stacie Snow - 373421
Sylvie Noir - 1153445
Titania (4) - 504819
Tracy Jordan - 670460
Trishii - 1153250
Tura Katana - 834497
Velocity (2) - 800145
Veronika Valentine - 1480683
Violetta Storms (3) - 109547
Wara - 2400215
Xlcr Moon - 536498

I realize some models may have changed their names or are no longer on Model Mayhem, this list represents the names and numbers they used when I shot with them.