It's alive, it's alive!

Dr Frankenstein had his creation, now I have mine.  And just like the good doctors creation, my MEC Photography website  has been a longtime labor of love.  I had to find all the right pieces, and sew them together in the right way.  Sometimes I worked diligently for awhile, sometimes I ripped it all apart and started over, sometimes he stayed covered with a sheet in the basement while I tended to the rest of life.  Now though I think he is ready.  Of course he isn't a finished creation, I might have sewed his arm on wrong and maybe his head is a little crooked, but I'll fix that in time.  I hope what I've created will continue to live on his own, and not take over my life or be ignored.  So now it's time to let him off the table, introduce him to the world and let him clomp around a little bit.  Be nice to him, all he is looking for is a.......friend?