There is a great old abandoned railroad bridge near my house that I've used as a background a few times.  I took Lily there and was initially disappointed to see that someone had been let loose with the spray paint, however when I saw "Be Nastee" I knew it would make a good background. 

Recently, the powers that be have decided to turn the bridge into part of a bike trail, so now it's overrun with bikers and joggers, so I doubt I'll ever get to shoot there again, unless I'm very careful! They've also put a railing up so you cant get next to the iron anymore either! as for bnastee, whoever you are, your artwork is long gone too.

Sadly this was the last time I ever shot with Lily.  I've tried several times to get in touch with her, but have received no replies.

Lily, if you're out there I wish you luck with whatever you're doing now, and if you happen to see this, drop me a line!