Most, if not all models don't like to take too much off outdoors when the temperature gets below about 65 and who can blame them really, but as you can see here Lily was different.

I had shot with Lily once before this and she happened to be visiting family in the area over Christmas.  She mentioned she really wanted to shoot outdoors in the winter, and I said that since she knew the location how about going there again, she was up for it.  I gave her a couple chances to change her mind, but she was ready.

We shot this the week between Christmas and New Years.  A snowstorm the night before added a beautiful coating to the trees, but unfortunately the wind picked up as well.  I met Lily at our agreed upon location about 7am the next morning, and the two of us set off.  I'm not sure how cold it was when we started, but even I was a bit chilly.

You'll notice that there are no full length shots here, because Lily was dressed in a pair of hiking boots that were too big and lots of other layers.  We would find a spot, she would drop everything to her feet and shoot awhile and then pull everything up.  By the time we were done however Lily was shivering uncontrollably.  Even with blasting the heat in my car, and piling on the blankets when we were done, she told me she didn't get completely warm until the next day.

I liked the top picture so much I've been using it as the MEC avatar.

Thanks Lily you're the toughest model I've ever worked with!