Kari Marie and I got together one Saturday afternoon in early November, at the very end of the outdoor shooting season where I live.  We spent the afternoon bouncing around several different outdoor locations.  We started out in the woods and found ourselves right by this wonderful old tree at the edge of a field right as the sun was going down.

Kari was tired and it was starting to get cold near the end of our day when I told her to sit down on the base of the tree and look off into the sunset.  The result is the first picture in this set, and it is one of my favorites.  To me Kari has a beautiful, expression on her face, a look of frailness and vulnerability, with just a hint of lost.  I'm laughing now because I'm finding it had to put into words exactly what I see, but that's the beauty of photography, each person can see something different.

Kari hit the road not long after we shot and has since retired from modeling, but I'm glad I got to shoot with her when I did.