We all have bucket lists, and Jacs had been on my model bucket list for quite awhile, when I finally got the chance to shoot with her I jumped at it.

I wasn't sure if it was going to come off though because of the weather.  It had been raining steadily off and on for several days and I wasn't sure it wouldn't when we were shooting.  It didn't though, it just remained overcast with the beautiful flat light that photographers love.

I knew about the old trailer, and knew Jacs would look perfect with it, but she also brought along the white dress and the black gown which we also made quite good use of.

We had to keep running back to the car to warm up, but Jacs was a trooper, shooting through her goose bumps.  It was very damp and somewhat chilly that day, but big tough me could handle it right? Wrong! I was cold enough that Jacs loaned me her hoodie for the shoot.  I get her colder she gets me warmer, what a trade!

Thanks for the loan of the hoodie Jacs! Love ya for it!

I'm not sure who owns or owned the trailer, but I thank you for the backdrop.