Another case of what I might have had.

Katlyn used to travel quite a bit, and from the pictures I saw of her I knew she would fit right in with my style.  Unfortunately two things went a little wrong, one before and one after this shoot.  First I needed to spend a little money to rent a lens, because I lost mine after my Kaela shoot - check out the story in that portfolio - and secondly...

I shot these at the end of September, almost at the end of outdoor shooting season.  Katlyn was a trooper who wasn't afraid to climb trees or jump around to get an interesting shot.

I usually shoot on smaller memory cards that way if one dies I haven't lost everything.  Well this day after I got home I found that one of my cards wouldn't let me load my images into the computer.  I tried everything I could think of and even took it to a local computer store to see if they could help, no luck.  I haven't touched the card since.  I have it carefully stored in case someday I still might save it. 

I lost quite a few interesting images of Katlyn crawling around in an old house in a window and braving spider webs to do it.  Thanks Katlyn for your efforts even though only you and I know what we had.

Katlyn spends a lot of her time on her art now - check it out, tell her I sent ya!